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About Indiana - IN

Indiana is a state that is east to the north central United States. It is bordered by Lake Michigan in the northwest, Michigan in the north, Ohio in the east, and Illinois in the west. South across the Ohio River and Kentucky. It is 257 kilometers wide from east to west and 451 kilometers long from north to south. It is rectangular. It covers an area of 93,993 square kilometers and ranks 38th in 50 states. The capital of Indianapolis. The Indiana original meaning is the land of the Indians. There are many warships in the US Navy named after Indiana. The world-famous Purdue University, Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame are located in the state.

General information

  • Capital: Indianapolis
  • State: Indiana
  • Largest city: Indianapolis
  • Area: 36,418 sq mi (94,321 km2)
  • Population: 6,633,053
  • Website:
  • Latitude:: 37° 46′ N to 41° 46′ N
  • Longitude: 84° 47′ W to 88° 6′ W

Indiana contains the following city code

812 765 574 317 260 219