Kansas Reverse Phone Lookup

About Kansas - KS

Kansas is one of the seven states in the central United States and is located in the heart of the United States. The state is bordered by Nebraska in the north, Oklahoma in the south, Colorado in the west, and Missouri in the east. Except for a slightly curved state boundary in the northeastern part of the Missouri River, the entire state is rectangular. Kansas has a flat terrain that gradually increases from east to west and belongs to the North American prairie. The capital of Topeka (Tonyka, also translated). Kansas is the first state in the United States to recognize the constitutional right to vote for African Americans.

General information

  • Capital: Topeka
  • State: Kansas
  • Largest city: Wichita
  • Area: 82,278 sq mi (213,100 km2)
  • Population: 2,911,641
  • Website: http://portal.kansas.gov
  • Latitude:: 37° N to 40° N
  • Longitude: 94° 35′ W to 102° 3′ W

Kansas contains the following city code

913 785 620 316