Utah Reverse Phone Lookup

About Utah - UT

Utah is a state in the United States, located in the western United States. On January 4, 1896, it became the 45th state in the United States. The main cities in Utah are Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo. It is based on the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Plateau and the Great Salt Lake Desert. The population is about 2.5 million, and about 80% of the population lives in the capital city of Salt Lake City. It is mainly composed of the descendants of the Mormons (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and the descendants of the Nordic immigrants. The voice is English. There is the University of Utah in the state.

General information

  • Capital: Salt Lake City
  • State: Utah
  • Largest city: Salt Lake City
  • Area: 84,899 sq mi (219,653 km2)
  • Population: 3,051,217
  • Website: http://utah.gov
  • Latitude:: 37° N to 42° N
  • Longitude: 109° 3′ W to 114° 3′ W

Utah contains the following city code

801 435 385